BookSwapBoxes is a new project that aims to bring people together in local neighbourhoods to discover and share a love of reading and help families enjoy books at home, regardless of income.

Neighbourhood BookSwapBoxes will feature donated books housed in attractive and enticing colourful boxes (made from upcycled furniture to resemble beach huts, dovecotes or funky bookcases) and freely available to anyone who wants to read them.

Swappers will be encouraged to leave comments, feedback and book reviews in the boxes to help shape the future development of the project.

The BookSwapBoxes will be designed, made and decorated by volunteers and groups supported by our skilled tutor. Each will be unique and reflect its community placement.

Community centres, supported housing projects, schools, supermarkets and day centres will host the BookSwapBoxes and the volunteers will look after the display of books to interest their specific community – e.g. children’s books for toddler groups.

If you or your community group are interested in hosting a BookSwapBox please get in touch with us.


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