CL = Community Learning

Community Learning courses are funded by Education Futures Trust and Sussex Coast College.

The cost of the course is £60. If you receive one of the following benefits you can get a fee waiver so the course is FREE:

  • JSA (Jobseekers Allowance) including National Insurance credits
  • ESA (Employment Support Allowance) WRAG (Work-related activity group)
  • Universal Credit and earning under £330 a month

Or if you are currently unemployed and receiving one of the following benefits and earning under £330 a month:

  • Income Support
  • Working Tax Credit
  • ESA (Employment Support Allowance) non WRAG
  • Housing Benefit
  • Asylum Seekers in receipt of income-based benefits

If you book a free course we will ask for a returnable deposit of £5 to hold your space. This is because our funding depends on people attending the courses – we can’t claim if you don’t come! The deposit is returned at the end of the course if you have attended the sessions.

For most courses this is the only cost – materials and tools are provided free. The exception to this is Upholstery because the materials are very expensive. If you recover our chairs for our store we will provide the materials and foam. If you bring your own chairs to recover or buy a set from HFS to recover and take home, you will need to pay for foam (if needed) and you can bring in your choice of material or use the neutral material provided.


 CCG = Hastings & Rother Clinical Commissioning Group

CCG courses are supported by the local Clinical Commissioning Group to boost the wellbeing of participants.

There is no fee for the course. We do ask for a £5 deposit to book your place which is returned as long as you attend the sessions.


WoW = Workshops on Wheels van

Our WoW van is a mobile workshop that visits different neighbourhoods and community groups in Hastings and Rother. There is no fee for these workshops.





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