Need office furniture?

Our new office furniture department is now open at the Dorset Place store. Come and visit us for quality second hand office furniture and save over 80% compared to new prices. We have a large selection of office seating, desks, filing cabinets and storage. Every time you choose to buy a 2nd hand item instead of something new, you’re making a choice that helps the environment. When you purchase a 2nd hand desk, for example, you’re reducing the need to manufacture one more new desk and therefore conserving natural resources. This translates to reduced CO2e emissions, almost 1/2 tonne, the equivalent of flying from London to Dubai. By buying 2nd hand you are making a choice to save the environment, because buying office furniture shouldn’t cost the earth.

Hastings Furniture Service
6 – 10 Dorset Place
TN34 1LG
01424 446335

Store open Tuesday to Saturday
9:30 to 4:30

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