After 16 years of dedicated service to the community, Hastings and Rother Furniture Service (HFS), a local independent furniture and reuse charity, we have made the difficult decision to close the Bexhill store located on London Road at the end of January. The decision has been made as the site maintenance costs have become increasingly burdensome. The entire site will be sold. Don’t worry though, HFS will be back to Bexhill very soon as soon when a suitable premises becomes available.

HFS has been actively combating furniture poverty since its establishment in 1988, providing low-cost, quality reused furniture and electrical goods to the residents of Bexhill and Rother as well as Hastings. Over the years, the London Road store has been a vital part of the community, supporting more than 19,000 residents and hosting various organizations and workshops.

Kate Davidson, CEO of HFS, expressed pride in being an integral part of the Bexhill and Rother district community. She stated, “During our time at London Road, we have supported over 19,000 residents by providing low-cost, quality second-hand furniture and essential white goods, along with numerous repair and reuse workshops and training. While it is a challenging decision to close this site, we believe it is necessary, given the increasing maintenance costs.”

Despite the closure, HFS reassures local residents that they will still have access to low-cost furniture and white goods through the organization’s sites in Hastings at 6-10 Dorset Place (TN34 1LG) and Priory Meadow, Town Square (TN34 1PH). Residents can contact HFS at 01424 44 11 12 or 01424 22 35 94.

Donations Welcome:

HFS will continue to collect quality furnishings and electrical items from both Bexhill and Rother. Individuals interested in making donations are encouraged to call 01424 22 35 94 to arrange pickups.

Looking Forward:

While bidding farewell to the London Road store, HFS has plans to return to Bexhill as soon as a suitable premises becomes available. The organization remains committed to serving the community and looks forward to continuing its mission in a more manageable space.

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