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Our volunteers help HFS collect and reuse over 300 tons of furniture and appliances a year. Our team won the BBC Community Heroes Award.

Most of our volunteers are unemployed people who enjoy getting out and having something constructive to do, being part of a team and working to help others in our community.

Volunteering and your benefits

You can volunteer if you’re receiving benefits such as JSA, ESA and Universal Credit as long as you also undertake any activities, such as job searching, training or other requirements, identified by your Jobcentre Plus adviser.  Volunteering can count for up to 50% of the time that you are expected to spend looking for a job and there is no limit on the number of hours you can volunteer each week. There is more detailed information on the NCVO website.

Tasks for volunteers at HFS

  • Arrange goods in the store, create displays and pick out the items for deliveries
  • Deliver or collect furniture and electrical goods, joining a team on one of our vans
  • Answer the phone, book in collections, help people in the store find what they need

How to find out more

If you are interested in volunteering we’ll meet you for a chat and, if we both think it’s a good move, then arrange a taster day which will include induction training and working alongside others in a team. If you enjoy it we’ll arrange more days – our volunteers generally start out doing one day a week and some choose to do more when there are spaces in our rota.

If you don’t like the taster day there is no obligation to continue at all. It’s totally up to you because volunteering at HFS is completely voluntary – we do not work with any of the schemes that mandate activity for people who are out of work.

Download and complete our Volunteering Form PDF  or Volunteering Form Word  or contact us to find out more.

What we offer for volunteers

HFS aims to provide a welcoming diverse workplace with supportive staff who want to help volunteers achieve their goals.

Whether your target is to get into paid employment, gain a qualification, become more independent and confident, improve your communication skills or just enjoy volunteering, we will do what we can to help you get there.

Our staff rooms are stocked with free refreshments for our hard-working volunteers and provide space to unwind, play pool and make friends.

We provide access to our computers if you need to check your emails, work on job applications or take other actions in your claimant commitment.

We also pay expenses so that volunteers are not out-of-pocket from giving us their time.

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